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Suffering from Whiplash or Sciatic Pain?

Have you been in an auto accident?

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Experience the healing of Therapeutic Medical Bodywork

What is it?
Therapeutic Medical Bodywork is a method for reducing residual tension (tension above normal in soft tissue) and evaluation of muscle tension without the use of oil, lotions, powder or cream.

What Does it Do?
It is designed to provide quick and permanent relief for soft tissue damage in personal injury cases, sports injuries and aches and pains caused from years of declining health (where surgery is not indicated).

How Does it Do That?

We are in agreement that normal health depends on normal body structure. Pain is caused from an inflammation. Inflammation is caused from disturbances in blood and nerve supply to a specific area. All blood supply and nerve supply travels through muscle tissue, muscle tissue is the only tissue in the body that can become tense or retain tension. Therefore, it seems reasonable to believe that residual tension (tension above normal) residing in muscle tissue, interferes with normal blood, and nerve supply, causing inflammation and symptoms of pain.

So, what is the solution? Restore normal blood and nerve supply and the inflammation and symptoms of pain will disappear. All we are doing is reducing residual tension.

How Long Does it Take and What Else is Involved?

Muscle tissue has memory. This memory has to be changed to regain normal blood and nerve supply and restore elasticity and function. The length of time depends on:

  • Age
  • Length of time symptom of pain has been present
  • Proper Nutrition
  • Proper Exercise
  • Medications Currently taken
  • Deterioration of organs and tissues from medication
  • Surgery
  • Other factors

What Kind of Techniques Do You Use?

The techniques used include specific muscular manipulation, range of motion, and joint mobilization. Basically, the technique addresses the large belly of the muscle as well as the lengthening and shortening of the muscles.

Causes of Progressive and Residual Tension in Muscle Tissue

Stress - Repetitive motion - Imbalance in muscle tissue - Lack of exercise and/or inactivity - Personal Injury Automobile and/or other accidents - Surgery - Cold temperatures - Other factors

We help provide relief from these and other painful symptoms:

Fibromyalgia - Whiplash - TMJ - Migraines - Upper Back Pain - Lower Back Pain - Carpal Tunnel - Sciatica - Sports Injuries Auto Accident Injuries - Soft Tissue Injuries - FI Injuries - Plantar Fascitis


Wayne Fagin, RCP, LMT

Certified Neuromuscular Practitioner, Respiratory Therapist - License # 6031

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What People are Saying:

"I have suffered with back and neck pain from whiplash in a rear end car accident five years ago. Ligaments in my back and left knee are sprained.

"I have had extensive physical therapy and several years of hot pool therapy and acupuncture. I have greatly improved but I still ached all over and my body parts felt stiff and movement was limited.

"After several sessions with Wayne, there are no aches or pain. My posture is real good now and I walk without a limp. I am no longer limited in movement. I can physically do things again and I feel strong."

Connie Schierling
Dallas, OR

"For eighteen months, I saw doctors, a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, and physical therapists for neck and shoulder injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident. My injuries showed no improvements during that time and seemed to worsen until I developed a frozen shoulder.

"I was unable to lift my arm above shoulder height. I was in constant pain 24 hours a day and had difficulty sleeping at night. I was on high dosages of pain medications. Doctors and therapists told me that I might just have to learn to live with my injuries and pain.

"I started myopathic therapy with Wayne. After several sessions, my range of motion showed improvement. The healing process was long because my career involves constant use of my arm and shoulder so I was continually causing reinjury to the muscles. However, I now have full range of motion of my arm and neck and the shoulder pain is gone. I know that, without treatments from Wayne, my frozen shoulder and pain would only have worsened."

Mary Wutzke