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Energy Psychology

Discover Powerful Healing Methods…A New Paradigm for Healing

Energy Psychology is a family of healing methods that blend contemporary and ancient healing traditions to provide relief from mind-body distress.

1-1/2 hour session $120

Therapists do accept and appreciate gratuities.


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What is Energy Psychology (EP)?

Based on an integration of quantum physics, psychology, Eastern medicine, and spirituality, Energy Psychology posits that mental and emotional problems are a reflection of disturbed bio-energetic patterns. Energy Psychology utilizes tools that seem to directly balance the human energy systems.

Clients learn skills that have been shown to reduce and eliminate unwanted stress, anger, difficult events, loss, sadness, guilt, and shame. Negative reactions to trauma, feared situations, and addictive substances are replaced with positive loving feelings of calmness and centeredness. Energy Psychology approaches balance energy pathways to rapidly diminish disturbances in thought and emotion. Energy Psychology provides tools that have been shown to quickly assess unconscious beliefs and resistances, release limiting beliefs and blocked emotions, promote readiness to change and strengthen positive attitudes.


How Does It Work?

Once an emotional response is triggered, there is an opportunity to change the way you react. Although the exact mechanism isn’t yet known, Energy Psychology appears to intervene during this window of opportunity and calms your response to the memory. Clients report that, unlike conventional therapies, there is no reliving over and over again the pain of the problem.

Thousands of clinicians throughout the world report that Energy Psychology methods often reduce distress in just a few sessions.

Disclaimer: Although I have training in Energy Psychology techniques, I am not a licensed health care professional and my services do not replace the care from health care professionals. While preliminary studies and clinical reports support the efficacy of Energy Psychology, more research is required to validate these innovative methods and they could be considered experimental. Information about ongoing research is available on the Association for Comprehensive research is available on the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology website of


How Can It Help Me?

Clinical reports and scientific research suggest that Energy Psychology methods are quick and effective with a broad range of human problems and challenges.

Using these methods, clients have:

  • Reduced stress
  • Let go of guilt and other limiting emotions and beliefs
  • Improved business performance
  • Enhanced sports performance
  • Strengthened academic performance
  • Lost weight
  • Eliminated fears
  • Healed trauma
  • Resolved grief and sadness
  • Improved sleep
  • Conquered addictions

Preliminary studies have shown measurable changes in brain scans, suggesting that EP techniques can bring about rapid, significant and lasting improvement at the neurological level.


Who Uses Energy Psychology Methods?

Because they are so flexible and helpful, Energy Psychology methods are used by a wide range of practitioners for varied types of problems and challenges including: physicians, psychologists, nurses, mental health professionals, executive coaches, alternative health care providers, clergy, acupuncturists and chiropractors.

Ethical practitioners follow the guidelines of their respective states or provinces, and only use energy psychology methods within their scope of training and competence. Clients should discuss with their practitioner his or her areas of competence, as well as relevant local regulations.

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What Experts Are Saying

“The techniques of Energy Psychology have provided me with invaluable tools for working with trauma. No therapist can afford to remain ignorant of this new and exciting field”

Nathaniel Branden, PhD
Author of the Six Pillars of Self-Esteem

“With increasing globalization there has been a growing curiosity in psychological practice about Non-Western methods of dealing with disturbances within the human organism. Not based on Western rationalism, these methods do not rely on insight and understanding but on shifting internal states of bodily experience. Energy Psychology techniques and procedures can bring about remarkably rapid changes in the way people feel and move through the world.”

Bessel A. Van Der Kolk, MD
Medical Director, The Trauma Center, Brookline, MA
Professor of Psychiatry, Boston University School of Medicine

“Nature has fashioned a way to encode survival behaviors and we can user this knowledge to depotentiate (de-link) this response so that the person is no longer stuck in their past. We are in a very exciting time!”

Ron Ruden, MD
Author of The Craving Brain

“Energy Psychology laser-focuses the principles from energy healing into psychological issues. You change your energies and you change our neurochemistry. You change your neurochemistry and you change your mind, your mood and your behavior. It is deceptively simple and its surprisingly effective.”

Donna Eden
Co-author of Energy Medicine

“Energy Psychology invoices super learning and may be the most effective therapy to reprogram dysfunctional unconscious beliefs that control life and biology.”

Bruce Lipton. PhD
Author of The Biology of Belief


What Clients Are Saying

“I grew up in a house of horrors. To cope with the flashbacks, I drank. Now when something gets triggered I am able to calm myself down by using these techniques at home, and as soon as I can, I go into my therapist’s office and totally clear out the traumatic memory. It is a God-send”

-D.K., New York

“These treatments neutralized/eliminated the chronic anxiety that I have had throughout my adult life, and allowed me to recover an emotional clarity and simplicity of emotional experience that I possessed as a child. I consider this experience on the miraculous level- both the elimination of anxiety and the cognitive experience.”

-P.C., Pennsylvania

“I can’t imagine where I would be without energy therapy. When I was in the blackest moment of my life, these energy therapies opened whole new doorways to freedom that I could never have had otherwise. They literally saved my life.”

-L.B., Oregon

“I overcame my fear of public speaking almost instantly. I wanted to thank you for exposing me to this unorthodox but in my case very effective form of therapy. It’s definitely going to change my life and open up more opportunities for me that I can possibly imagine. In fact, it already has.”

-G., Illinois

“This is the best thing I’ve ever seen for working with kids. I thought my second graders how to tap and now no one comes in crying from recess because they fell down, got hit, shoved or played roughly. Kids are even tapping each other. What a barrier-breaker Energy Psychology is!”

-W.Y., California

“I was skeptical when my executive coach taught me EP techniques. But now I use them all the time to reduce my stress and improve my ability to function at work. Fantastic!”

-A.T., Philadelphia

“What a difference! Energy Psychology techniques help me play my best game when I play tournament level golf.”

-H.V., Connecticut

“For the first time in 41 years I’m not afraid to be in my own skin. My trauma is more manageable. I am not afraid to go to sleep at night.”

-L.D., New York


Energy Psychology Can Help You:

Rapidly reduce your stress.

Resolve the problems, challenges, and hurdles in your life, faster than you thought possible.

Remove the effects of traumatic experiences without the pain of reliving the experience.

Reconnect with the enthusiasm and vitality you once had.

Re-open your heart and mind to live the life you were meant to live.


Imagine The Possibilities!

Sue Fagin MA, CHT, LMT #9215

I hold a Master’s degree in Psychology. I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Licensed Massage Therapist, and a Structural Integration Practitioner (Ida P. Rolf), Reiki Master. I use Shamanic healing, energy work to balance mind and body healing, Past Lives, “Life Between Lives.” Trained by Michael Newton PhD.