Hypnosis (Stop Smoking / Weight Loss)

Hypnosis is a method for personal and life enrichment. When you are under hypnosis, concentration is improved, and you are very relaxed and more receptive to change.

The hypnotic state of mind has the potential to enable you to learn new things more efficiently and tap inner resources and innate abilities that may not be available to you in your waking consciousness. Access to deeper levels of the mind becomes easier and more natural. Hypnosis is used for Anxiety, Smoke Cessation, Sports Enhancement, Stress Reduction and more.

Life Between Lives
Method of Michael Newton PHD
3-4 hour session $425

Past Life Regression
1 session $120

Stress Management
1 session $150

Intake, Hypnosis
1 session $150
Follow up, EFT, Hypnosis
2 sessions $285

1 session $150

1 session $150

Sports Enhancement
1 session $150

Cranial Sacrial Therapy
1 hour $75

Meridian Stress Adjustment (MSA) with Wayne Fagin
1 hour $150

Weight Loss
1 session $150
2 sessions $285
6 sessions $800
10 sessions $1200

Smoke Cessation
1 session $150

Body Wraps
1 session $75

Energy Modalities
1 session $100

Modifying Behavior
1 session $150

Life Coaching
EFT, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Reflexology and essential oils sessions using Holistic Approach
"Changing from the inside out."
6 sessions Package: $1,000
10 sessions $1800

Hypnosis - Stop Smoking / Weight Loss