What just a few of our very satisfied clients are saying...

"I have suffered with back and neck pain from whiplash in a rear end car accident five years ago. Ligaments in my back and left knee are sprained. I have had extensive physical therapy and several years of hot pool therapy and acupuncture. I have greatly improved but I still ached all over and my body parts felt stiff and movement was limited. After several sessions with Wayne, there are no aches or pain. My posture is real good now and I walk without a limp. I am no longer limited in movement. I can physically do things again and I feel strong."

Connie Schierling
Dallas, OR

"For eighteen months, I saw doctors, a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, and physical therapists for neck and shoulder injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident. My injuries showed no improvements during that time and seemed to worsen until I developed a frozen shoulder. I was unable to lift my arm above shoulder height. I was in constant pain 24 hours a day and had difficulty sleeping at night. I was on high dosages of pain medications. Doctors and therapists told me that I might just have to learn to live with my injuries and pain.

I started myopathic therapy with Wayne. After several sessions, my range of motion showed improvement. The healing process was long because my career involves constant use of my arm and shoulder so I was continually causing reinjury to the muscles. However, I now have full range of motion of my arm and neck and the shoulder pain is gone. I know that, without the treatments from Wayne, my frozen shoulder and pain would only have worsened."

Mary Wutzke

"Hi, My name is Jim Johnson. For years now I have been getting worse with arthritis. My doctors told me to "live wit hit and take inflammatory drugs." (I don't like medications.) So, when I saw Wayne's sign about myopathic therapeutic massage for auto trauma, I thought, Why not try it? I have had about six sessions of his deep massage and, now I'm back walking my dog and doing things I had to give up years ago. I do believe that with monthly sessions I'll make it through pain free years."

Tim Johnson

"I was in a motor vehicle accident and was referred to Wayne Fagin for a frozen shoulder and stiff neck from the whiplash. Wayne used Myopathic Therapy to successfully resolve the tissues and make me pain free."

Markey Humberstad
Salem, OR

"Wayne has affored me relief from migraine headaches that I've suffered with for ten years. I've tried many medical alternatives, medications, etc . . . but none have been able to help me like this procedure.

I've suffered with chronic pain for 21 years. I've tried every recommendation from conventional medicines including oral medication, surgeries, nerve blockers, etc., and they just made me have more symptoms to deal with. Wayne's Myopathic techniques worked to reduce my medications and helped with pain relief. It works!"

Darlene Hull
Dallas, OR

"After my car accident two years ago, I suffered from severe back and neck pain. I went through physical therapy for six months with little improvement. After three sessions with Wayne my pain is gone."

Katheryn Vannoy
Salem, OR

"I had strained my back and had sharp pains. Wayne was recommended by my employer, so I tried his Myopathic treatments. After just three treatments, the pain had subsided so I could return to work sooner. I had never tried this type of treatment before, but I highly recommend it to anyone."

Jack Haggard
Salem, OR